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AD9081 connecting DVDD1 and DVDD1_RT

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD9081
Software Version: N/A

I am designing the power tree for the AD9081, and there is a note on Pg 209 of the user guide (Rev0) that says this

I have other 1V rails not going to the AD9081 that I want to consolidate as much as possible. Which of the 2 rails is expected to have transient loads - DVDD1_RT or DVDD1? It's not clear what "it" is referring to in the highlighted sentence.

Also, how big is the current draw in these transients? 


DVDD1 draws the most current as shown in AD9081 power specification table and its transient load is based on the devices digital path configuration and clock rate.  One can refer to UG-1578 for different use case scenarios showing power consumption for each case.

  • Hi  ,

    Thanks for the quick response. It sounded like the user guide was saying there'd be a fast and high transient current draw on either DVDD or DVDD_RT that would exceed the nominal or max loads shown in the user guide examples. Is this not the case and are the startup transients bounded to the max current consumption values listed in the examples in the user guide?

    Also, is this startup transient load consumption only on DVDD and not on DVDD_RT?