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Using Direct Clock on AD9081

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9081


We would like to use AD9081 Direct Clock. (12GHz)

The datasheet says 0 to 6 dBm range when Direct RF input.

However, when we tried it, we found that it works only when we input higher power like the answer above.

(12GHz, 15 dBm or more , Source : Keysight E8257D)

When input below 9.5 GHz, it operates below 6 dBm.

Is it okay to use Direct CLK input at 12GHz with such a high input?

If not, is there anything I need to set up?

Thank you!


Besides cable losses from RF generator, the frequency response of the clock input path (SMA to clock input) also rolls off significantly at 12 GHz thus requiring such a high drive level to overcome…

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