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Usecase for bypassing the DDC in Full Bandwidth mode for AD9082.

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9082, VCU118
Software Version: api v1.2.2 commit 5b813df for ad9082

I am using VCU118 board + AD9082 with setup as shown in link but with AD9082 board.

The aim is to bring up the two ADC of 9082 for 2GHz bandwidth and transmit the sampled data onto JESD204C.

I am referring to UG1578 and API (api v1.2.2 commit 5b813df for ad9082) for my development.

I am able to configure my setup for UC22.

The following are the requirements for my use case:

a) I want to enable my both ADC as per below figure:

b) DAC should not be enabled as I am not using it.

c) ADC Bandwidth should be 2GHz.

d) JESD204C to be used.

Kindly provide me the use case number to use to in uc_settings.c to meet the above requirement.

If use case is not readily available, then please provide the details to be populated in variables of uc_settings.c for my use case.