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Migrating from AD9352 to AD9361

Hi ,

  We have a broadband communication system working in 2.3-2.4 GHz range with AD9352 in the front end. Since AD9352 has a narrow band  and is close to obsolence, we decided to migrate to AD9361. I am looking for the following clarifications.

1) Can we straight away replace ad9352 with AD9361 in the design, without too many changes in the Baseband hardware ?

2) AD9361 provides much more options than AD9352, So by configuring   AD9361 in DDR mode, and following the signal map  below 

        AD9352                    AD9361

        SYNC                     DATA_CLK

       SYNCVALID           TXFRAME / RXFRAME in LEVEL Mode

Can we acheive the exact funcitonality ? (assuming SPI is taken care of)

Please correct me if I wrongly understood or forgot anything.


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