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DCXO Correction words in FMCOMMS3 - DCXO GUIDE UG570

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD9361

Does the FMCOMMS3 come with DCXO correction words pre loaded? If so, what is the frequency they were derived and the nominal temperature?

I assume that when I set the bit D7 of 0x298 and D6 of 0x147 FMCOMMS will correct itself for shifts in crystal due to temperature. Am I correct?

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Thread Notes

  • There are coarse tune and fine tune registers that can be modified using ad9361_set_dcxo_tune function. The resolution of the DCXO varies with coarse word with a worst-case resolution (at coarse word = 0) of 0.0125 ppm. Using both coarse and fine words, the DCXO can vary the frequency over a ±60 ppm range.

    The tuning will be a continuous process where you will be increasing or decreasing the word as per the frequency error.

    See below plot: