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FMCOMMS5 + ZC702, NO-OS, Ethernet

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I am using FMComms5 + ZC702 with baremetal NO-OS, and I'm streaming data to the PC for further processing and visualization in MATLAB. Right now I'm using UART, but because of its limited speed, is there an easy way to use Ethernet for streaming via NO-OS- or IIO-drivers or anyhow else?

I don't want to use tinyIIO for now unless it is the only way. Did I understand it right that I just have to build the HDL again with tinyIIO = yes, Compile and Run in Vitis, and then I could connect the board via Ethernet to my Switch and the MATLAB Transceiver Toolbox would work (I know of the example on Github)? Somehow my older attempt to connect to IIO-Oscilloscope this way did not work, therefore I was wondering.

I also want to ask how I can set the FIR-coefficients then with the Transceiver Toolbox in Matlab.

Thank you very much

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