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Hello, I would like your help for a adalm pluto that I created a problem for without wanting it, basically I have two sdr pluto, and I wanted to use one on the QO100 for ssb communications.

So I searched and found a txco osc at 1.8 volts at 40mhz,

desoldering whith hot air  the old txco , and soldering  the new stabilized txco , the new txco dont work the pluto dont receive or trasmit, i disappointing , and again soldering the old txco osc back the pcb,

  the adalm  pluto played again but for litle time, the old txco I soldering it again with hot air,

the pluto works as long as the components are hot, when the pcb board cools down the device does not work as a transmit or reception, the computer recognizes it normally in the usb port and the leds work normally, I dfu it and passed a firmware difference.

The problem remains, after about five minutes it stops working, but the leds lights work normally, what could be happening ? PLEASE HELP!!!

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