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ad9361- zynq 7035 controlling gpio

Category: Hardware


We have been trying to use the gpio (to control an external amplifier) on our board with no success.

We have the ad9361-zynq7035 SOM on the ADRV1CRR-BOB. We currently also use the reference design from the installation using matlab.

We found out the following page:, which shows something similliar with the pluto and the ad9363.

On the ADRV1CRR-BOB, we have seen multiple times options for gpio0-3, from LEDS, buttons and just what seems to be pins at the image where we marked it by green

when writing "iio_attr -a -D ad9361-phy" we can see the following:

So we have multiple questions and we would like if you can help us:

1. assuming we can control the gpio through the libiio library, how do we choose between the leds, button and etc. (We assume it is something that was designed for us by matlab, and if so can we change it).

2. if we cannot, can we control other pins like the P2, P13 ones (and if so can you help uson how to do it).

Thank you very much