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LO Leakage in ADRV9361-Z7035 Board

Category: Hardware
Product Number: adrv9361-z7035
Software Version: Vivado 2021.1 and Gnu radio 3.8

Hi All,

Currently we are working on a few which is related to Telecommunication where to configure the Registers of AD9361 we are currently using Gnu radio 3.8 by setting the LO  Frequency and other required settings for our application but it is observed that there is a LO Frequency Leakage from the Tx of AD9361

PFA Images attached for refference.

The peak is spectrum analyzer is just after GNU Blocks are made to ru n and even without any signal there is an leakage output being displayed in CRO and Spectrum analyzer

Kindly Provide me a  info/solution to resolve this issue

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  • Presently im setting LO at 150.18 MHz and im supposed to get a complete 0LO in that place.

    Tx attenuation in GNU Radio sink is kept at 0dB.

    Spectrum analyzer wave is even without any input there is so much amount of leakage i expect the carrier noise level to very low but in that spectrum analyzer what im seeing is a frequency at the set LO