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AD9363 S parameter Files


I found the s parameter files for the AD9363 here:

It is a bit unclear to me how these s parameters were taken. See questions below:

1) The S2P files: the S12dd and s21dd have a ton of loss in them. Should I be inverting this? So you actually get +42dB of gain at 500MHz? Maybe these were taken when the amplifier was off and this is actually the isolation between the input/output? The text document that came with these didn’t mention anything on the setup or how these were taken.

2) For the S11dd and S22dd, were these taken when the amplifier is on? I’m assuming these are correctly showing how well the input is matched to your 50 ohm SE or 100 ohm DE system when the input LNA is enabled?

3) Are the s parameter files dembedded up to the ball of the AD9363? Does it assume there are no other components? i.e. no balun, dc blocking caps, or any other matching network?

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