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Question about the ADRV9025 Transceiver Evaluation Software_x64_FULL tool

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9029
Software Version: 6.4.0.x


I would like to test BW=40MHz waveform.

I generate BW40MHz profile by Evaluation tool in demo mode.

I send BW40MHz waveform data to adrv9029, the waveform is incorrect.

I send BW100MHz waveform data to adrv9029, the waveform is correct.

But the BW of Tx and Rx settings are 40MHz.

I also check the "Program FIR filters" in c codes.

The device->devStateInfo.profilesValid is 0xF.

It seems the tool generate incorrect FIR coefficients.

Please help to generate correct profile, thanks.

The attached is BW40MHz profile and .c files.