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Jesd error occurred after modifying RX1 to ORX1

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9025
Software Version: ADRV9025 API Version:

We use 51_ Nonlinksharing encountered the following JESD error when modifying the RX configuration to ORX:

Our original evaluation software configuration is as follows:

The evaluation software configuration after being modified to ORX only changed the following parts from RX1 to ORX1, while the remaining parts remained unchanged:

Could you please help to see why our modifications resulted in a jesd error? After only replacing the profile, does the software still need to make some modifications? Or does the FPGA part also need to make corresponding adjustments after modifying the ORX?

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  • You mean you just want to assign ORX IQ data alone to Framer0 and don't use RX data at all? If so, thats possible.Im able to generate the profile and program it on my EVB setup.

    Can you please share your requirements again here just to make sure im not missing anything?

    No.of lanes, RX channels, TX channels, ORX channels, Need RX data on JESD? etc.

    You should be able to use the latest GUI, configure and then try if its allowed or not.