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9025 initialization failed

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9025
Software Version: ADRV9025 API Version:

We encountered an Error message TIARx error during the initialization process of a 9026 board,The log is as follows:

Blocked RX_ After TIA, there was an RxQec3 obs insufficient power error. The log is as follows:

Afterwards, I set calMask to 0 and initialization can proceed:

Please take a look at why this problem occurs.

  • There seems to be signal present at the RX/ ORX inputs which is why the init cals are failing.You would need termination as shown below. 

    If you have an LNA in the path, switch it off and then try running the cal once.

  • During the process of trying, I discovered a strange phenomenon. When our board temperature is between 60 degrees Celsius and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the initialization of 9026 is normal. When the temperature is below 60 degrees Celsius and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, the above problem will occur during the initialization of 9026. I don't quite understand why this phenomenon occurs.

  • How are you reading the temperature? Is that accurate to understand the issue is because of the temperature?

    Do you have any front end devices in the RX path and ORX path? Can you switch them off and then try calibrating?

  • I use adi_ Adrv9025_ TemperatureGet directly reads the temperature of the 9026 chip. At present, I have tried multiple times and found that the initialization of the 9026 chip did indeed return to normal at around 60 degrees Celsius and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Turn on the cooling fan, and the chip will experience the above error message at room temperature. The front-end devices of both rx and orx paths have been turned off and shielded, and a load of 50 ohms has been applied to the rx port.

  • Init cals are required to run only once during initialisation. 

    Are you using a custom profile or standard profile?

    Can you use the latest SW thats on the product page?