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TES not recognizing 9029

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV 9029
Software Version:

I'm using ADRV9029 with ADS9 board. 

When I click connect on the TES GUI, it connects but with 2 issues: 

1- The recognized board is the ADRV 9026 CE, therefore the DFE tab immediately disappears. 

2-  I get an error that says: "Unable to refresh signal response chart due to failure to generate a profile with specfied settings. Reason:. Exception message: Cannot support RF BW greater than 81.38% of Input rate when using DPD HB1,the max Tx Synthesis BW for this input rate is 199.999488MHz" 

All that happens before downloading the profile. 

Is there a dedicated SD card image for 9029 ? please help!