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9025 CFR GUI setup question

Product Number: ADRV9026


  I find this picture accidentally, but i can not find th original article about this. I would be very grateful if you could share the article with me. Aonther question is about configuration CFR by eva board. I can not correctly load the pulse file when the gui warn the format is no correct. The pulse file i load is the matlab produced.

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  • I still have the question that what is the relationship among the osr ,order , sampling rate and the number of coefficients.I think the sampling rate=osr*fs,the order=the number of coefficients. Is it right. I find that when i change the osr only ,the number of coefficients will change.when i change the osr and the sampling rate,the number of coefficients still change.I am confused why osr can change the number of coefficients.