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ADRV9026 Tx Abnormal Spectrum (filter overflow)

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9026
Software Version:

Hi team,

I'm evaluating adrv9026 with EVAL-9026 and my own FPGA card. Recently I have an abnormal Tx output spectrum when giving a CW tone to ADRV9026.

According to adrv9026-tx-output-spectrum-abnormal-debug-hint, I have checked the status of the chip step by step and found something wrong with the Tx filter status,: All 4 Tx filter overflow status REG read back was not 0. Sometimes it is 0x01 and sometimes it is 0x07 depend on the UseCase I used.

The profile I use is uc102_LinkSharing and uc13_nonLinkSharing. The CW tone is generated by FPGA DDS IP core(12-bit sine for Q and 12-bit cosine for I). JESD204B link is up and I see the same wave after I loop the deframer data to framer in 9026.

What is the meaning of "filter overflow"? And what should I do next?