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Question on how to receive ORX data through JESD after DPD operation in ADRV9029

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9029
Software Version: SW6.2.0.35

It is set to 3pin ORx Selection mode as shown in the figure below.

However, although I enabled it on the RXx_en pin, ORx Data is not coming in through JESD.

I know that no ORX data is coming out through JESD during DPD operation.

But I want to receive ORX data through JESD when DPD operation is finished, please advise on how to control it.

Thank you for your support.

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  • According to my customer's words, RX_EN must be active for ORX data to come out as JESD.

    Does RX_EN of ADRV9029 have to be active for JESD output of ORX Data to come out?

    If I have to always enable RX_EN in TDD operation to get ORX JESD data from ADRV9029, it seems to be at a loss in terms of power consumption.

    Please answer about my question.

    Thank you