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Very noisy signal at TX output

Hi AD support,

I'm trying to have some preliminary DPD tests with ADS9-V2EBZ + EVAL-ADRV9029-HB on TES-GUI- I'm using profile 50 Link sharing, Tx input rate 122.88MHz, and thus 1228800 samples for 10ms signal input. However, while connecting my spectrum analyzer right to the Tx output, it shows a very noisy constellation:

This is my original LTE signal:

And this is the signal shown in TES GUI, seems to be clean and no clipping:

After some initial debug efforts, the IQ offset shown in VSA is very high, which could be related to carrier feedthrough. Therefore, I suspect that I'm missing some configurations or RF chain calibrations.

My signal can be found attached: modulated_readback_Tx1.txt

My VSA setup can be found attached:

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