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ADRV9029/26 EVB Power

Hi All

I have ADRV9029/26 EVB depend on guide the power can be +_6dbm max how can i change the power output from TX port in 9026?Please

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  •  when i send the signal direct from signal generator to PA 

    You mean directly from the signal generator to the PA input, no ADRV involved? Which Test model is this?

    but when I send through ADRV I got

    Can you check at lower powers, may be about 3dB backoff and see if the spectrum is fine?

    Are you measuring with the same test model as above?

    I believe the input signal to Rx. input is within the dynamic range and not saturating the Rx path?

    Try to provide RF input somewhere around -25dBm or so at the Rx. input.