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Is a LNA(Low Noiose Amplifier) contained in the ADRV9009 inner chip?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADRV9009-W/PCBZ
Software Version: Latest (2022/04/26)

Dear All:

         We studied the user hardware reference manual (UG-1295). In receiver direction, we do not find the LNA module. If received anlog signal power is very low in front of the ADC, is ADC function and efficiency affected?

How to Amplify the receiving analog signal in front of the ADC? Add the external LNA out of adrv9009 chip?

We buy the adrv9009 transceiver card(ADRV9009-W/PCBZ) from Analog corporation. In the receiving direction, is the LNA module contain in the adrv9009 transceiver card(ADRV9009-W/PCBZ) in front of the ADC?

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