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ADRV9009 receiver spur without any input

Category: Software
Product Number: FMCOMMS8_ZCU102
Software Version: Vivado 2021.2

Hi Team,


               I am using FMCOMMS8_ZCU102 setup. I tuned LO to 1999MHz using Frequency Hopping Mode. Without providing input frequency, I have plotted the receiver noise of FMCOMMS8 and observed a spur at 2098MHz with power 10 dB above noise floor in receiver 2 (RX2) and receiver 4(RX4) only. While in RX1 and RX3 , this 2098MHz peak was not there. In my application I'm taking four receivers output , so that without any input, i'm a observing a peak at output. This is scenario is not acceptable in our application. Can you please guide us how to resolve this issue in channel 2and channel 4.

Here I'm attaching the results for your reference:

Noise Plot without any input:
channel 2

channel 1

With Input frequency 2064MHz

channel 1

channel 2


Thanks & Regards

Goli Ganesh

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  • Do you have LNA in your setup ?

    Do you have any of the  Tx enabled , can you disable all the Tx channels and unused Rx channels and see if you still see spurs ?

    As you are using 200MHz profile , can you go with a 100MHz profile and test once ?

    Can you try testing with a different RX LO and see if the same exact spurs are seen ?

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