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ORx Image frequency issue

Category: Software

Hello team, 

We are using evaluation ZCU102 with evaluation ADRV9009 in NO-os setup. When we enable ORx, we observe the image frequency peak and LO frequency peak. 

For example, 
Our tuned LO is 5550 MHz and the applied offset is 10 MHz (5560MHz) 

We got the message signal around 35 dB (5560MHz). along with that, we got an image frequency of around 20 dB power (5540MHz). Now the image frequency power is maintained constant, while we are trying to reduce the power of the message signal image frequency power is dominating the message signal power, this causes the actual problem. 
To solve this issue we tried enabling ORx QEC, Tx QEC, LOL and other calibrations as well. We are seeing that the update count is also happening for calibrations. Also, we kept the Tx attenuation high when checking for this issue, But still, we are facing this issue. 

Could you please guide us on how to mitigate this image frequency?

Meghraj T