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FMCOMMS8_ZCU102 ORX Frequency Hopping Issue in Run time

Category: Software
Product Number: FMCOMMS8
Software Version: Vivado 2021.2

Hi Team,

                    I'm using FMCOMMS8_ZCU102 setup. When I'm tuning two LO's sequentially for ORX1 of ADRV9009_c and ORX1 of ADRV9009_d using FHM GPIO Mode( TALISE_setFhmHop() API) and read back the LO's using TALISE_getFhmRfPllFrequency() API , Initially LO's were tuning properly in the run -time. After some time, suddenly I'm getting previously updated LO instead of currently updating LO. What could be the reason for this?

Thanks and Regards