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ADRV9009 Support for PolarFire SoC

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9009
Software Version: 2022.2

I would like to interface an ADRV9009 with a PolarFire SOC. I understand that ADI does not officially support PolarFire SoCs and does not provide HDL, example projects, or Linux drivers for this platform. From what I have seen online, anyone wishing to use a combination of ADI and Microsemi devices ends up writing custom HDL and drivers to achieve this. In light of this, has anyone managed to get this specific combination of devices working i.e., ADRV9009 + PolarFire SoC? Are there any immediate reasons why this would be unachievable, and does anyone have an idea of which portions of this process would be the most challenging? I've seen that certain portions of the HDL are platform specific i.e., either Intel or Xilinx - should I be aware of anything specific to Microsemi that could present a problem? Are there any similar ADI devices that would be easier to interface with, e.g. AD9081?

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

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