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ADRV9008-2 491.52 MSPS

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9008-2

I tried to run the DMA_EXAMPLE with no-OS environment with both TX and ORX with 491,52 MSPS and cannot get the result.

The original version with 122.88 MSPS is working correctly.

To do this I created a new profile with the "ADRV9009 Transceiver Evaluation Software" and used the created talise_config.c file instead of that in the one present in the DMA_EXAMPLE project (see attachment)


In this case I obtain this console output:

tx_clkgen: MMCM-PLL locked (245760000 Hz)
rx_os_clkgen: MMCM-PLL locked (245760000 Hz)
error: rx_os_adxcvr: adxcvr_init() failed

I tried also to use the headless.c file created by the "ADRV9009 Transceiver Evaluation Software" with a little modification in order to set the extra_spi and extra_gpio (see attachment)


In this case I get this console output:

ERROR: 321: Tx Profile IQrate and filter settings are not possible with current CLKPLL frequency
ERROR: 180: Device not in radioOff/IDLE state. Error in TALISE_enableTrackingCals()

What else must I modify in order to achieve TX and ORX channels at 491,52 MSPS?

Thank you