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ADRV9009 DAC (TX) output Issues

Category: Software
Product Number: ADRV9009
Software Version: Vivado 2018.3

Hi Team,

              We are using a custom ADRV9009 with evaluation ZCU102. In custom ADRV9009 design has HMC7044 PLL clock source instead of AD9528 PLL. The ADRV9009 initializations are done and the no-os prints are as expected. 

 But we observed that the DAC output of ADRV9009 contains LO leakage issues. The DAC outputs of ADRV9009 contain LO, fm+LO , fm-LO frequencies. Let's say, ADRV9009 LO is tuned to 2.5GHz and we are providing 1MHz offset from DDS then the DAC output has 2499MHz, 2500MHz and 2501MHz frequencies.  

 When we are used TALISE_enableTxNCO() API, we observed only LO+fm frequency. But as per TALISE_enableTxNCO() API is used,  fm+LO and fm-LO frequencies are present.

When we are used ADI DDS from SDK, we observed fm+LO and fm-LO frequencies in the DAC output.

What could be the reason for fm-LO (Image frequency) in he DAC output of ADRV9009 ? 

Here I'm attaching the no-os prints:
Thanks in Advance 
Goli Ganesh