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Layout Consultant

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADRV9003

I am looking to hire an experienced layout consultant who has done a successful design with the ADRV before, to lay my board. 

We are building a custom radio board with the ADRV9003.  We have a fairly mature schematic, with pin assignment worked out for an FPGA, DDR3, MCU, ADRV, and RFE.  I'm not interested in using a prefab SOM solution like from NextGen (though their solution is I'm sure wonderful for others).  I need a layout person for my circuit design.

This person would work with us to fit within the mechanical design, collaborate with the circuit/fpga/mcu engineers.  They would help work out power planes, follow design guidelines for the PMIC/FPGA/DDR, maintain proper trace lengths for high speed signals, etc.  

If there is an ADI preferred partner directory or similar, perhaps that could help.  Thanks for the suggestions!