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granularity/resolution needed for cal coeffs? - both thermal and LO tuning

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADRV9001

For a User looking to generate a LUT of calibration coefficients (in order to bypass self-cal procedure both at start-up and during normal operation), how much granularity is needed for the steps of temperature and LO tuning?  (i.e., how big of a LUT is recommended)

In this particular application - in case it narrows the question - the plan is to tune over only a ~150 MHz range somewhere in S-band.  Both at start-up and for fast-hopping, those cal coeffs will be relevant.  And we're looking to boot-up over pretty much the entire device temperature range.

I'm sure this could be an "it depends" kind of question - just looking for some guidance to get "in the ballpark" and test whether an initial granularity on those coefficient axes is adequate.