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Reprogramming ZC706 and ADRV9002 combo to 1.8v

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ZC706

Is it possible to reprogram the ZC706 VAdj voltage to the ADRV9002 to 1.8v  through Linux terminal?

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  • Hi

    There is not a way to set the voltage from the Linux terminal. It is set through the PMBUS. This is a know obstacle for the Linux drivers and the team is working on a solution. I do not have a time line but we may have a Linux solution soon. 


  • Hi DSSR 

    Do you still need a solution that work through the terminal interface?


  • John, Yes, there is still a need. Pete.

  • I am working on a complete write up but this work for me.I would program the VADJ with out the ADRV900x board plugged in just to be on the safe side. 

    1) If you are using TES or Linux binaries in the SD card boot to root prompt. This is viewed through a terminal window on the USB port.

    At this prompt,  write the following commands.


    i2cset -y -f 8 0x65 0x00 0x03

    i2cset -y -f 8 0x65 0x44 0x30f6 w

    i2cset -y -f 8 0x65 0xfa 0x0f

    i2cset -y -f 8 0x65 0xfb 0x07

    i2cset -y -f 8 0x65 0x40 0x423e w

    i2cset -y -f 8 0x65 0x5e 0x33d7 w

    i2cset -y -f 8 0x65 0x5f 0x30f6 w

    i2cset -y -f 8 0x65 0x11 c

    The last write "i2cset -y -f 8 0x65 0x11 c" This writes it to non volatile memory. (No long need to write it again)

    I am working on a full write up to get you back to the 2.5V if that is ever needed.

    You can also look at the monitor chip data sheet to understand what I did. 

    Let me know if this worked for you. I tested this with a Linux binary build and the TES binary. That said the TES is good to program it to 1.8V but is not needed for TES since it is embedded in the code.

    You can test the voltage at the DIP switch before plugging in the ADRV900x eval board.