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adrv9002 check device clock/power error.

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADRV9002NP/W1/PCBZ,ADRV9001CE-02B,01-0639
Software Version: ADRV9001TES GUI with Agro Navis-0.24.1



We are working with ADRV9002 Transceiver board form analog devices ie.,(ADRV9002NP/W1/PCBZ) with ZCU102 Board.We downloaded latest TES GUI(ADRV9001TES GUI with Agro Navis-0.24.1) and formatted sd-card with ADRV9001 Disk Imaging Utility and dotNet Disk Imager and followed instructions for Disk Image Utility and selected platform =ZCU102 and booted with SD-card. When I connect the board with GUI and press program it is giving us the above error(adi_adrv9001_Powermanagement_configure) in the screenshot we did check the power input and device clock everything is working fine  please advice us on further instructions/insight for the problem.

Thank You.

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