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ADRV9002 used for measuring scattering parameters

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADRV9002


I am planning to use ADRV9002 for setting up an instrumentation that can measure scattering parameters. S11 and S21. For this I need three receivers (V1+, V1-, V2-) to be able to calculate S11 and S21. 

question: 1) From the datasheet I understand there are Rx1 and Rx2. However, what is the difference in Rx1A and Rx1B? is it multiplexed and simultaneously be used to to demodulate/receive the same carrier frequency? since I only have two receivers, would I need another transceiver chip?

question: 2) the power level of the Tx, does it have to be calibrated with a loopback? and after calibration would it be stable? 

question: 3) could the V1+ be obtained with the internal loop back? I understand it uses one of the receivers?

question: 4) on page 112 of UG-1828, "Transmitter NCO internal Signal Source"--> can this feature be used as the source/input signal for this type of measurement? Some more elaboration on how will be very helpful.