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Regarding the FMC CONNECTOR part number mentioned in the ADRV9002NP_W1_PCBZ_30MHz-3GHz-EVB_files

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADRV9002NP_W1_PCBZ_30MHz-3GHz-EVB

Hello support team, 

I am interested to use ADRV9002 eval board(30 MHz- 3 GHz) with recommended ZCU102 Evaluation board. I have downloaded the pcb design files of the ADRV9002 Eval board (ADRV9002NP_W1_PCBZ_30MHz-3GHz-EVB) . From that , I have observed that the FMC connector in the eval board consist 160 pins only( ASP-134604-01- P701 ) , while the FMC connector given in ZCU102 has 400 pins. So, either I am looking at the wrong schematic or else there is some mistake. because ZCU102 has 400 pin FMC connector. I have attached the schematic for your reference. Kindly look into this and provide support ASAP.                                                                                                                                                                              PDF