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LO Leakage

i have configured the AD9373 to 2GHz Frequency.

programed the TX/RX/Sniffer LOs. and configured as internal LO.

once the Device programed the LO leakage at the port is -36dBm.

i have gone to the Transmitter page on GUI and found when i change the attenuation to 10dB.

the Output noise goes down, but the LO power increased by 10dB.


do we need to calibrate the path every time we sett the attenuator?? i dint expected that the TX attenuator will change the LO leakage in opposite direction.


Please clarify............

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  • Could you please tell me at what stage, I should enable this calibration? 

    Please refer to UG-992 Page 61 , for the sequence on the  Initialization sequence.

    If I do DC punc OFF, the constellation turns bad

     If the carrier is placed on the LO, we need to enable LO tracking Cal and also the Analyzer DC must be punctured.

    If the carrier is not placed on LO then no need to enable but its recommended to enable the DC puncture .