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How Do I load the Binary File into an AD9373?

Category: Software
Product Number: AD9371
Software Version: Mykonos

1. It seems that we need to load a binary file into the AD9371 ARM processor as part of the boot-up procedure. Is “Mykonos_M3.bin” the name of the correct binary file, or is there a more recent version?

2. Does the binary file get loaded into the ARM processor using the SPI interface, or is there some other method which is used? Can I get a copy of the source code for the ARM init procedure?

3. Is the SPI interface implemented as an HDL object, or is it implemented by “bit banging”? Did you use code for this which was supplied by Analog Devices, or did you write it yourself? Can I get a copy of the SPI drivers and/or SPI IP core?

4. Is the SPI driver used for the initialization of the ARM the same driver used for sending Tx and Rx commands to the chip?