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Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD9375


I went through AD9375 UG-992 and have the below query,

In page 175, "The device supports manual gain control (MGC) for all channels in the ORx path"

and in page 127, " The observation receivers (ORx1 and ORx2) feature manual gain control (MGC) only"

The above two statements clearly states AGC is not possible with Observation receiver, But in source code examples mentioned in page 62, the following ORX AGC function calls are shown,

1)static mykonosPeakDetAgcCfg_t obsRxPeakAgc =

2)static mykonosPowerMeasAgcCfg_t obsRxPwrAgc =

3)static mykonosAgcCfg_t obsRxAgcConfig =

So, kindly specify whether AGC is supported by ORX path of AD9375?, if not what is the purpose of the above function calls?

Thanks in-advance,