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ADF4371 vs. ADF4372 output power

I have measured the output power from the RF8 port on an ADF4371 evaluation board.  I'm planning on using an ADF4372 on a new design.  In terms of output power, can I assume the performance on the RF8 port is the same between these two parts?

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  • Hi,

    RF8 output port of ADF4372 and ADF4371 provides same performance. You can safely change ADF4371 with ADF4372. 

     I don't have s-parameter measurement that I can provide. Most of the specs given in the datasheet is taken with a balun at the output (Marki BAL-0036). You can use pull-up inductors at the outputs and use AC coupling capacitors and combine outputs after AC coupling with a balun. I don't see any problem with that.