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Can I use AD8372 with the input and output in a single ended circuit?

Is there an application circuit of AD8372 for single ended (both input and output) case?

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    I moved your question to RF and Microwave community. Someone should be able to help you here.


  • Here is what the datasheet says.  "Degrade overall performance" means lower gain and more distortion.

    SINGLE-ENDED AND DIFFERENTIAL SIGNALS The AD8372 is designed to be used by applying differential signals to the inputs and using the differential output drive of the device to drive the next device in the signal chain. The excellent distortion performance of the AD8372 is due primarily to the use of differential signaling techniques to cancel various distortion components in the device. In addition, all ac characterization is done using differential signal paths. Using this device with either the input or the output in a singleended circuit significantly degrades the overall performance of the AD8372.

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    Thank you for the answer. I already read that. But I still want to use this VGA in a single ended mode. Can I do it? Is there an application circuit?

  • We have not developed or tested an application circuit for single-ended operation. I would suggest ac-coupling INC1 to ground. Alternatively, you could try putting a 75 ohm resistor in series with the ac-coupling cap on INC1

    On the output put the same load on the unused output (i.e. a dummy load) as you have on the used output.