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HMC984 As Stand Alone Phase Detector?

  • The goal: Measure the phase difference between two sine waves from 50kHz up to 70MHz for an impedance measurement device
    • The sine waves will have consistent amplitude and will be the same frequency. The amplitude of one of the two sine waves will be attenuated by at most 6dB in reference to the other sine wave. I can choose the magnitude of the sine waves.
    • I need to be able to tell the difference between positive and negative phase
    • I need to be able to accurately measure phase difference through the entire range of -180° to +180°

Could you please help me decide if the HMC984 could be used as a phase detector? If not, are there any other suggestions? I cannot use the AD8302 because of the inability to measure phase near 180 degrees and also near zero degrees. I also do not think I can use the AD9901 because of the limited range of 270° at 70MHz.

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