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Questions bout the intput and output of the AD8302?


My purpose is to detect the impedance information of two signals. And the two input signal are about 2v, 100KHz, then it pass a resistance attenuation network(refer to the Datasheet in page 19). Now, the signal attenuates to about 200mV,The schematic as follow.


1. the formal input signal is shaken and distorted by the attenuation network, how can I eliminate the distort?

2. I have change the value of R167 and R178 to 1KΩ, what is  the influence of this changes?(If I set the two resistors to 52Ω , the input signal will disappear )   

3. no matter I change the input signal, the average of VMAG stays at about 1V and VPHS stays at about 1.04V, where is the problem?

looking  forward your reply!