HMC602 - Rise Time and Fall Time

Hi, I'm measuring the rise and fall time of the HMC602 with an input power changing between -60dBm and -20dBm and I'm getting values much biffer than the ones stated in the datasheet (In the order of 700us). Can you please provide me the way the rise time was measured so I can replicate?

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  • CLPF capacitor is loop filter capacitor for the output ripple filtering.  Pin 14 (CLPF) has internal resistor of 2100 ohms to ground (Pin Descriptions table on page 12-23 of HMC602LP4 data sheet).  This resistor and the external CLPF capacitor, C9 (C9=220pF on page 12-24, Application & Evaluation PCB Schematic) will have an LOGOUT output bandwidth of about 345kHz.  if C9 = 150pF, the output bandwidth will be about 5.5kHz.

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