The function of AD8342-EVALZ-ND

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I just bought the AD8342-EVALZ-ND and I read the data sheet of AD8342 which said that it could be used as both down-converter and up-converter. I want to make sure that if AD8342-EVALZ-ND can also be used as both a down-converter and an up-converter. If it could only work as a down-converter, is there any way I can change it to the up-converter since I need to use it as a part of TX-Transmitter?

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  • Figure 51 in the datasheet shows the mixer being used as an up-converter. It looks like you need to connect your IF to the RF ports and up-converted signal will come out of the IF ports.

    You'll have to make sure your IF works within the RF port range and your RF frequency works within the IF port range.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jun 6, 2018 11:13 PM


    Yes, the part can be used as upconverter. The input should always be fed into RFIN and output is at IFOP. So as the other reply mentioned, feed your IF to RFIN and see the RF at IFOUT. Make sure the frequencies are in range.