About ADL5521


    When I use the given peripheral components (2140MHz) on the datasheet to configure the ADL5521 chip, the chip attenuates the input signal about 10dB, does not play the role of amplification, but the current consumption can be observed from the voltage source, and supplied power and the bias resistance are all normal. Besides, the replacement of the same chip is still the same result. Excuse me, what is the cause of this? How can I check out which part of the  chip or which pin has problems? Thanks!

  • Hi,

    Were you able to get gain when you first tested the evaluation board? 

    The default configuration is tuned to 1950MHz. I think the only change needed to configure to 2140MHz is by moving capacitor, C3 from position-4 to position-2 labeled on the evaluation board. Could you please confirm if this was done? If so, try checking solder connection for C3.