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ADL5513 Low Frequency Operation

The ADL5513 is specified to operate to 1 MHz, however the datasheet shows no performance information/expectations below 100MHz.

Can you provide some details please as to specs and graphs down at or near 1 MHz?


  • We typically characterize broad band devices such as the ADL5513, at the frequecies we know to have a lot of use, such as, common IF frequencies, common cellular frequencies etc. It would be an exhaustive task to characterize every frequency. As part of applications support, we will test a device at a certain frequency on an as-needed basis. Attached is data for 1 MHz. At  1 MHz the ADL5513 has 60 dB of dynamic range +/- 1 dB error, a slope of 21mV/dB and an intercept of -87.4 dBm.