ADF4360 -9  Characteristic Question

Does anybody know about the Phase Comparator of ADF4360-9

-     gain? "Kd"

-     Maximum amplitud of detection? "A"

and about the VCO of ADF4360-9

- free oscilation frequency?" Ff"

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jan 11, 2011 5:42 PM over 10 years ago

    The ADF4360-9 PLL & VCO uses a charge pump, which is programmable, so this is the gain, as such of the PD.

    It is a phase frequency detector (PFD), so the acquisition range is very high (but is specified up to 8 MHz, as the PFD is limited by the VCO band select circuit, which will not operate with teh PFD higher than 8 MHz).

    Maximum amplitude of detection doesn't apply, as the inputs are buffered by the R and N counter inputs, which are limited to Vdd in the case of the REFIN input, and inaccessible in the case of the N counter input (as they're connected to the VCO).

    The ADF4360-9 is an integrated PLL & VCO, with the output frequency set by external inductors. Free oscillation frequency is typically the highest of eight VCO bands. The Vtune is 0V until the counters are activated by valid writes to R, C and N registers.