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AD9357 RF transceiver


I have been working on the development of a 2x2 (10MHz bandwidth) Wimax CPE. The board is based on a Xilinx FPGA and an AD9357 RF transciever

At present I am forcing the AD9357 to receive mode and am testing the data output of this transceiver through the parallel port.

One of the initial tests I performed was to inject a CW signal from a signal generator into the AD9357 and I have managed to capture a clear sine wave at the output of the chip. I have attached this capture herewith.

I then tried injecting a known Wimax signal into my system but unfortunately I do not get the output as expected. I have configured the ADI as per the programming guide and use the Automatic Gain Control. I have tried different RX Digital Filter coefficients to try and reduce the inherent noise of the ADI but have not managed to acquire the expected data at the ouput. What are the areas in the chip  to concentrate to avoid data corruption?

I would be extremely grateful if anyone could kindly guide me by giving any kind of help/suggestion regarding the above matter.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards
Sarath Nair