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Getting Starting with AD8302


After I reviewed the AD8302's datasheet, i found a paragraph that says:

"There is an internal 10 pF capacitor to ground that sets the maximum corner to approximately 200 MHz.

The corner can be lowered according the formula fHP (MHz) = 2/CC(nF), where CC is the total capacitance from OFSA or OFSB


to ground, including the internal 10 pF."

Then, datasheet also says that a capacitor between OFSA (or OFSB) and Ground is necesary firstly for reducing fHP and deleting the CD frecuencies.

But in my application, I'll use the AD8302 for detecting frecuencies between 1 kHz to 10 MHz, so how can i select the correct value for the capacitors conected between OFSA (or OFSB) and ground?????

My first idea was to choose a 2.2 uF, so according with paragraphs listed above we have

Cc=10 pF (internal capacitance) + 2.2 uF (my chosen value) = 2.20001 uF

fHP =  2 / 2.20001 uF = 909,086.7 Hz

is this idea correct???????

My second doubt, what value is correct for coupling capacitors conected between INPA or INPB???? is 10 uF a correct value??