Q:about AD8370&8369

I used AD8370 as my DAC amplifier.

Now i found ad8370 can only supply 34db max.

I hope VGA can supply more 4db gain.

Now I want to used ad8369.(I don't want to change more,the 8369 package is  same as 8370. )

As datasheet reference,it mention the load(1K) supporting 40db gain.

I think it means only when the ad8369 output load is 1000om, ad8369 can supply 40db gain.

In my design,I used transformer to coupled ad8370 input and output power.(ADT1-1,ADT4-1).(100-200;200-50)

If i want to used 40db(ad8369) ,i need a transformer to convert 100om to 1000om,and use 1000om to 50?