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ADL5523 and eval board set up

My questions relate to ADL-5523- evalz board. We have a software defined radio(SDR) board which comes with an antenna input port(SMA input). Since the LNA on-board the SDR does not have the Noise Figure we desire, we wanted to use ADL5523 in conjunction with the SDR.

We need the LNA to be powered up by an external power supply. Can you please let me know if the eval board comes with a 110v to 5v adapter?

Board schematic in the data sheet shows RF in and RF out. Can any standard RF interface such as SMA/BNC be soldered in the slots shown?  If so can you recommend a manufacturer and part number.

Since the SDR we have is wide-band and our application needs to switch between cellular frequencies of 880Mhz and 2100Mhz, I understand from  the sheet that we have to have different capacitors and other components to get the output impedance matching right. Please confirm if that is right?

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