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ADF4350 and ADF4351 evaluation board control software

The latest ADF4350 and ADF4351 software is attached. This is compatible with ADF4350 and ADF4351.

Installation process:

1. Disconnect any evaluation board

2. Download and run the attached installer

3. Click Next/Continue/Finish when asked

4. Connect your evaluation board

5. Windows will detect the evaluation board and install the drivers

6. Run the ADF435x software from the desktop or Start Menu

7. The status bar of the software should show that the board is connected. If not, try disconnecting and reconnecting the board.

Installer includes USB drivers.

Download source code here:

Reply to this thread if there are any issues.

  • v4.5.1: Added feature to pad register values with leading zeros (see Tools menu).
  • v4.5.0: Added register map tooltips to each control. Improved save/load functions to work across all future versions.
  • v4.4.0: Added Random Hop feature.
  • v4.3.6: Improved Band Select Divider value auto set for when Band Select Clock Mode is set to high (ADF4351 only).
  • v4.3.5: Fixed max PFD frequency warning for Int-N mode.
  • v4.3.4: Added Phase Adjust warning. Added option to disable the event log. Other bug fix.
  • v4.3.3: Fixed rounding error bug which could happen when PFD frequency was <1 MHz.
  • v4.3.2: Formatting/layout improvement.
  • v4.3.1: Fixed bug with Registers tab.
  • v4.3.0: Warnings significantly improved.
  • v4.2.11: Added INT limit check.
  • v4.2.10: Added repeat sweep feature.
  • Question:

    Thanks for adding the repetitive sweep function to the
    ADF435x software! It works in principle, but strangely
    the sweep speed goes down during the sweeping
    (whether repetive or whether I repeat the sweep
    manually), up to more than a second per step. If I quit
    the software and restart the sweeping is fast for a short
    while and then slows down again. Do you have any idea
    what could cause this?

    Thanks a lot,


    That delay is associated with the USB controller on your PC.

    When the software does a sweep, it:

    1. Sets a frequency
    2. Send the USB commands to write the register(s)
    3. Sleeps for x ms - x is the user set value
    4. Increases the frequency
    5. Send the USB commands to write the register(s)
    6. ....

    The issue is, when the software sends the USB command, it is processed by the PC's USB controller which can take a random amount of time. It is usually around 1 ms, but maybe it can stretch to 1 s.

    I recommend removing all other USB devices and minimizing the amount of software running on the host PC. This should minimize the USB delay time.

  • Hi Rob,

    Thanks for your quick reply. I've tried the things you suggested, but unfortunately they don't make the sweeping faster. I've also tried using a different port and a different PC: still the same. Do you really think the USB controller could be behind this? When I say one step takes about a second I am not exaggerating...

    I've looked at the memore usage while sweeping, and that seems to be ok. However, I've noticed that while sweeping ADF435x takes up half my CPU. Is that normal? Could the reporting on the screen of what is written in the registers have something to do with this?

    What sweep rates do you typically get?

    I really hope we figure this out!


  • I am getting similar performance - one second per step, ~20% CPU usage. I tried a few things in the software but the performance is the same.

    You can try modifying the source code to do it faster. If you only use the software to do your sweep, then there is definitely a better way to implement it.

    Source code here:

    The sweep function is in: "#region Sweep and hop" > "SweepStartButton_Click()"

  • I also meet the preoblem, I change the source code , in the function log , I simplely add "return", because add the log to the control of EventLog will slow the sweep speed, by doing this, the speed of sweep is 10 times faster than before.

  • Thanks for the feedback. I've added an option to the Tools menu to disable the event log. See v4.3.4.

  • Hello .

    I can store the settings in EEPROM ?

    I can use the eval - board without USB connection , after I set the data ?



  • It may be possible by writing your own firmware for the Cypress microcontroller. However, we don't support this.

    I would start with the microcontroller source code but I think there is a good amount of work in this:

  • Hi,

    The SPI on the supplied evaluation board is too slow. Also, the auto-calibration takes a minimum of 20 us. If you wish to keep using the ADF4351, you will need a faster microcontroller than what we provide with the evaluation kit.

    It may be better to take the ADF4356, and use a look-up table routine to eliminate the auto-calibration time. But again, a faster micro-controller is necessary.

  • hii sir


    i am working on adf4351, i need to generate the high speed sweeping frequency using ADF4351 software, as I am trying to jam any wireless network  example(mobile signal or wifi). I searched online the frequency range of cellular network (4G LTE (1800 MHZ and 2300 MHZ).


    I am trying to generate the frequency sweep  between (1800 to 2300 MHz) but i dont see any effect on the mobile network signal. I want to know , how can i increase the frequency sweep speed and make it sweep at the fastest rate possible to jam the wireless network?  In ADF4351 i am generating sweep using Sweep and HOP tab. where i can see the frequency start and stop function.


    Thank you 


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    Thank you,
    EZ Admin