Single supply (+5V USB) conditions by AD835/AD8333

Hallo engineers,

I have a couple of simple questions relevant a CW ultrasonic doppler. I hope your answers to be helpfully for me.

For a small portable device with USB-Port and operational area from >= 3MHz to <= 10MHz I'm looking for integrated single-channel  I/Q-Demodulator with single supply. A like as not the single supply by I/Q-demdulator is not usual.

The AD8333 is a (double) perfect solution for my problem, overall mass with the pin programable phase-shift of outputs is amazing. But I need only the "half" of them and with single supply (<= +5V). The not used I/O's I want connect to the ground. As preamp I want use the AD8337 (or something like that).

Can I use the AD8333 with single supply? I have some ideas, but I'm not sure obout that. For example biasing of the inputs with voltage devider circuits or a HF-Transformer.

But what obout the power supply? Is that a good idea or not? Or what are youre recomendations?

Thank you for your answers.

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